Technology selection tool based on user-friendly inputs

WARMe – what is it?

  • Heating technology selection tool
  • Transfers power from installer/manufacturer to end user
  • Enables home owners to select their heating system
  • Brand-independent
  • Inputs that a typical user is able to provide
  • Provides information to guide choices

Early stages

Initial idea

  • Requirements assessed
  • Plans prepared based on perceived market needs

Market research

  • Similar tools were considered
  • Gap was identified for a brand-independent selection tool

Platform design

  • Aesthetic and user experience were considered
  • Mock-ups were created

Subsequent steps

Technical development

Flow chart for technical process
Sub-tasks identified
Problem-solving for each technical stage

  • Inputs required
  • Heat load calculation
  • Peak demand calculation
  • Technology selection
  • Results presentation
Further market research

High barriers to entry identified
Scaled back ideas for installer recommendations
Focussed on key benefits for users

  • Low threshold input requirements
  • Simple breakdown of results
  • Useful information to guide choices

Recent work

Further technical development

  • Structure finalised
  • Tool providing reasonable outputs

Prototype coding

  • Automatic graph updates and results table summary
  • Error messages for nonsensical user inputs
  • Excel-linked VBA code back-end

Next steps

Final modifications to back-end technical design

  • Further populating of technology database
  • Calibration and minor adjustments to calculation methodology

Incorporate technical back-end into front-end platform de

  • Make use of the previously designed aesthetic
  • Create a web-based tool that can be used by home-owners