THERMOSS project has just hit the 30th month of its progress. Therefore, the Consortium met at the end of March at the facilities of Riga Technical University (RTU) in Latvia.

The General Assembly have discussed all project achievements, updates, plans and future goals for the remaining 12 months of the project. During the meeting, FENIX TNT interviewed some partners whose relevant experience in THERMOSS project will be assembled in a project video. The Consortium has also visited the Latvian pilot sites.

The Latvian residential demo sites are important as they are mainly detached houses. In the 4 houses, different technologies will be installed, such as micro fuel cells, gas absorption heat pump and hybrid heat pumps. The micro fuel cell uses gas to generate electricity for daily usage without any extra costs, while the gas absorption heat pump produces heat by extracting it from the air.

All these technologies use gas as a fuel to some extent but are not yet very much present in Latvian territory. That means THERMOSS is really a ground-breaking project. We are already looking forward to our next project workshop at Sustainable Places 2019.

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