We are happy to announce that THERMOSS policy workshop is planned for the 9th January 2020. The topic of the workshop is “Can we achieve zero carbon in buildings by 2050?” and it will take place in Southampton, UK. The workshop will be co-organised by FENIX TNT and the University of Southampton. You can read all the details about the workshop and see its full agenda on our website – here.

The registrations are already open – save the date & see you soon in Southampton!

On 6th of June a joint workshop “Solar & Thermal Energy: Europe’s precious energy sources for efficient industries and buildings” took place at the Sustainable places 2019 conference in Cagliari (Italy).
THERMOSS project was a part of the joint workshop organised alongside HYCOOL, SHIP2FAIR, SUNHORIZON and HYBUILD, projects joined by the common focus on solar energy used for efficient heating or cooling production systems. THERMOSS Project Coordinator, Ms Federica Fuligni from EXERGY presented the achievements of the THERMOSS project, with a special focus on optimization of the energy systems at different levels, from central systems to district heating networks.
Presentations of each project were followed by questions regarding technical challenges, the role of digitalization and social acceptance of the innovative systems. The following discussion revolved around similarities and differences of presented projects. A special focus was given to the improvement of shortcomings in future initiatives.
Sustainable Places has been a success for the THERMOSS project and we already look forward to the next year!

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A joint workshop “Solar & Thermal Energy: Europe’s precious energy sources for efficient industries and buildings” will be a part of the Sustainable places 2019 conference. It will take place on Thursday 6th June from 14:00 in Cagliari, Italy.

The workshop about the social acceptance of renewable energy technologies is co-organized by THERMOSS project and four other innovative Horizon 2020 projects (HYCOOL, SHIP2FAIR, SUNHORIZON and HYBUILD) involved in developing sustainable energy solutions for both the residential and industrial sectors.

The Sustainable places conference is a platform for sharing ideas and thoughts about designing, building and retrofitting the places we live and work in a more sustainable way.

You can still register for the workshop via this link and for the conference here.