The 10th edition of the International Conference on Applied Energy will take place during August 22-25, 2018, in Hong Kong, China. This year’s conference topic is “Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions” with additional sub-topics of Clean Energy Conversion Technologies, Energy Management, Policy, Economics and Sustainability, Energy Sciences, Energy Storage, Intelligent Energy Systems, Mitigation Technologies, Geoenergy, and Renewable Energy.

Corentin Kuster, a researcher from Cardiff University, will present a study on defining geo-clusters for energy system planning. This study was performed under the THERMOSS project and resulted in the creation of two tools, helping users in geo-cluster creation and exploration. Combining geo-clusters with a library of technologies will make selection easier by referring users to examples of successful implementation within the same geo-cluster.

This event is a great opportunity to share our project findings with an international audience of energy professionals and to promote our project on the global stage. We will share the reaction and feedback from attendees after the conference.

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