THERMOSS is committed to contributing to the sustainability of its demo sites. In order to accomplish this important task, various activities are being carried out.

On January 26, 2017, a visit to the Finish demo site, specifically, to the Micropolis buildings and the row houses took place. The demo will consist of the installation of a heat recovery system in Micropolis and a smart home controller system in the row houses, plus solar thermal panels installation in both cases.

The reason behind the visit was to map the conditions of existing buildings and to plan the necessary actions to carry out the installation. Bosch Thermotechnology, Schneider Electric and Exergy took part to the visit, which started at Micropolis building, Iilaakso Ltd headquarters. In the afternoon, the visit continued to the row houses, owned by the Municipality and rented to citizens.

Both the demo sites are in good conditions and under continuous ongoing renovation.

Finland demosite visit Jan 26

More photos in section GALLERY.

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