Schneider Electric Italy, key partner of the THERMOSS project, participates in Horizon 2020 projects and other research actions to contribute in the development of innovative solutions which will help achieve the goals of energy efficiency and sustainability.

What is EcoStruxure?

EcoStruxure platform is a powerful suite of hardware, software and services which enables to increase digitalization of buildings, create smart environments to reduce costs, energy consumption and increase the quality of occupants’ life. Schneider Electric Italy applies innovative solutions in real demonstration sites to evaluate the smart management of energy, the impact of renovations and the testing of innovative components. This helps partners participating in the projects to verify that the goals of the project have been achieved and to push the solutions developed closer to the market.












Figure 1: Schneider Electric EcoStruxure scheme

The role of the EcoStruxure in the THERMOSS project

THERMOSS project aims to increase the energy efficiency in residential buildings, interconnecting the final users with the district heating and cooling (DHC) system. Real-time management, will enhance matching of the demand and supply of thermal energy, avoiding large storage system and reducing usage of fossil fuels for peaks management.

In the framework of the project, Schneider Electric Italy acts as system integrator and contributes with the development of monitoring and management systems using EcoStruxure, the IoT-enabled, plug-and-play, open, interoperable architecture and platform, in Homes, Buildings, Data Centers, Infrastructure and Industries. The digital EcoStruxure platform of Schneider Electric allows the exchange of data from the field devices installed in buildings to the storage in a Cloud-Based solution. The EcoStruxure provides safety, reliability, operational efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity to Schneider customers.

The hardware and software architecture designed by Schneider Electric Italy in the THERMOSS Project, allows the partners to communicate and exchange data for optimization and control strategies, as well as to evaluate and assess project’s results.

EcoStruxure, not only allows to increase performances and decrease consumption thanks to constant monitoring of buildings, but provides also intuitive, user-friendly interfaces to allow control and boost indoor air quality and occupants’ satisfaction. Finally, thanks to the energy gains achievable at building and district level, important economic savings can be reached to decrease costs of European families.


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