The principle of the 2-WAY SUBSTATION (2WAY SST) is to return unused energy to the supply network with the highest effi­ciency. The objective is to create a system with high feed-in temperature from solar energy.

For that purpose, 2WAY SST uses Compact Heat Exchangers, Variable Speed Pumps, Controlled Valves and Controlled System. At CEA-INES facilities in South-East France (Le Bourget du Lac), the assembling of the 2WAY SST is in progress.

Two out of three heat exchangers (H1 & H2) and pumps (P1 & P2) have been already installed in June. An extra loop emulating the sanitary loop of the building is being set up, with the pressure tests already being passed.


Stephanie Gauthier from the University of Southampton attended the “International Conference on Renewable Energy 2019” (ICREN19). At the conference, Stephanie presented a new THERMOSS project poster, that summarizes all the basic information about our UK demo sites and you can download it here.

The ICREN19 is an annual meeting held in different countries focusing on international participation of researchers with an interest in renewable energy studies. This year, it took place from 24th to 26th April at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France.

Download the poster in our downloads section.

Find the abstract of the presentation here.

THERMOSS project is trying to bring modern technologies to save energy and costs to all types of the built environment. The demo site in Riga consists of four detached houses – perfect examples of how THERMOSS technology packages can be used in a domestic house.

All the dwellings are not connected to the district heating network and the goal is to retrofit them with more efficient heating technologies and reduce the overall energy consumption and the carbon footprint.

Different houses are provided with different technologies. Micro fuel cells, gas absorption heat pumps and hybrid heat pumps are not usually used for heating in Latvia and THERMOSS project is trying to change that.

Find photographs of the demo site in our photo gallery and see how the retrofitted houses look.

We are happy to announce that posters about our demo sites created by FENIX TNT for the THERMOSS Project are now available online. They were presented at the “SAVE TODAY, USE TOMORROW” workshop, organized within the World Sustainable Energy Days 2019 at the end of February.

In the posters, you can read details about the locations where our THERMOSS technologies will be deployed, i.e. Southampton (UK), Portsmouth (UK), Riga (LV) and San Sebastian (ES). You will learn about challenges, solutions and energy savings reached thanks to the THERMOSS ground-breaking solutions.

You can find the posters in the documents section or follow the links below:

Southampton & Portsmouth poster

San Sebastian & Riga poster

THERMOSS is committed to contributing to the sustainability of its demo sites. In order to accomplish this important task, various activities are being carried out.

On January 26, 2017, a visit to the Finish demo site, specifically, to the Micropolis buildings and the row houses took place. The demo will consist of the installation of a heat recovery system in Micropolis and a smart home controller system in the row houses, plus solar thermal panels installation in both cases.

Demosites visits