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From 10th to 12th July 2019, the International Conference on Energy and Cities (ICEC) was held at the University of Southampton, UK. We are happy that the THERMOSS project was presented with both an oral presentation and a conference stand.

The oral presentation titled “English Domestic Occupancy Profiles” was led by Victoria Aragon from University of Southampton on the 11th July during the Low Energy Building Session. It focussed on THERMOSS-funded research into domestic occupancy profiles. Our THERMOSS UK demo sites were also presented as case studies for energy and occupant behaviour monitoring.

The conference was a great opportunity to meet fellow energy-efficiency enthusiasts at our stand and we look forward to the next event.

You can download the presentation here.

THERMOSS project will be presented at the International Conference on Energy and Cities (ICEC) by our partners from University of Southampton. Our finding will be presented on a poster and Victoria Aragon will talk about “English domestic occupancy profiles” on Thursday during the “Low Energy Building Design” session. THERMOSS project’s UK demo sites will be presented as examples of occupant behaviour monitoring.

ICEC will be held in Southampton, UK from 10th to 12th July 2019. Find more details about the event and a full programme at

We are happy to share with you great news regarding one of our cluster projects. The ExcEED project platform and its tools are now available and free to use by the general public.

The main goal of the ExcEED project is to gather and analyze data from various European buildings. The ExcEED database can be used by other EU projects like THERMOSS, ensuring an efficient match between supply and demand and well-planned residential building retrofitting.

The H2020 EU-funded project ExcEED launches a new platform orchestrating seamless integration of heterogeneous data related to building energy performances. The platform is freely available until September 2019 to those uploading buildings data. You can get access to the platform on the ExcEED website after completing a registration form.

Read all the details about the platform at ExcEED website.

On 6th of June a joint workshop “Solar & Thermal Energy: Europe’s precious energy sources for efficient industries and buildings” took place at the Sustainable places 2019 conference in Cagliari (Italy).
THERMOSS project was a part of the joint workshop organised alongside HYCOOL, SHIP2FAIR, SUNHORIZON and HYBUILD, projects joined by the common focus on solar energy used for efficient heating or cooling production systems. THERMOSS Project Coordinator, Ms Federica Fuligni from EXERGY presented the achievements of the THERMOSS project, with a special focus on optimization of the energy systems at different levels, from central systems to district heating networks.
Presentations of each project were followed by questions regarding technical challenges, the role of digitalization and social acceptance of the innovative systems. The following discussion revolved around similarities and differences of presented projects. A special focus was given to the improvement of shortcomings in future initiatives.
Sustainable Places has been a success for the THERMOSS project and we already look forward to the next year!

A joint workshop “Solar & Thermal Energy: Europe’s precious energy sources for efficient industries and buildings” will be a part of the Sustainable places 2019 conference. It will take place on Thursday 6th June from 14:00 in Cagliari, Italy.

The workshop about the social acceptance of renewable energy technologies is co-organized by THERMOSS project and four other innovative Horizon 2020 projects (HYCOOL, SHIP2FAIR, SUNHORIZON and HYBUILD) involved in developing sustainable energy solutions for both the residential and industrial sectors.

The Sustainable places conference is a platform for sharing ideas and thoughts about designing, building and retrofitting the places we live and work in a more sustainable way.

You can still register for the workshop via this link and for the conference here.

As EuroSun 2018 Conference Proceedings were published online recently, we are happy to show you the conference paper about THERMOSS project.

The paper titled “Comparative Dynamic Performance Tests of Two Real Technology Packages for Buildings Heating System Retrofit” was written by David Chèze, Nicolas Lamaison, Patric Breitenbach and Federica Fuligni for the EuroSun 2018 Conference that took place from 10th to 13th September 2018 in Rapperswil, Switzerland.

As the title of the paper suggests it contains all the details about the comparative tests of SHP & HIU technology packages developed by THERMOSS.

Find the full paper in our download section:

Stephanie Gauthier from the University of Southampton attended the “International Conference on Renewable Energy 2019” (ICREN19). At the conference, Stephanie presented a new THERMOSS project poster, that summarizes all the basic information about our UK demo sites and you can download it here.

The ICREN19 is an annual meeting held in different countries focusing on international participation of researchers with an interest in renewable energy studies. This year, it took place from 24th to 26th April at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France.

Download the poster in our downloads section.

Find the abstract of the presentation here.

THERMOSS project is trying to bring modern technologies to save energy and costs to all types of the built environment. The demo site in Riga consists of four detached houses – perfect examples of how THERMOSS technology packages can be used in a domestic house.

All the dwellings are not connected to the district heating network and the goal is to retrofit them with more efficient heating technologies and reduce the overall energy consumption and the carbon footprint.

Different houses are provided with different technologies. Micro fuel cells, gas absorption heat pumps and hybrid heat pumps are not usually used for heating in Latvia and THERMOSS project is trying to change that.

Find photographs of the demo site in our photo gallery and see how the retrofitted houses look.