April 2019

THERMOSS project is trying to bring modern technologies to save energy and costs to all types of the built environment. The demo site in Riga consists of four detached houses – perfect examples of how THERMOSS technology packages can be used in a domestic house.

All the dwellings are not connected to the district heating network and the goal is to retrofit them with more efficient heating technologies and reduce the overall energy consumption and the carbon footprint.

Different houses are provided with different technologies. Micro fuel cells, gas absorption heat pumps and hybrid heat pumps are not usually used for heating in Latvia and THERMOSS project is trying to change that.

Find photographs of the demo site in our photo gallery and see how the retrofitted houses look.

We are happy to announce that posters about our demo sites created by FENIX TNT for the THERMOSS Project are now available online. They were presented at the “SAVE TODAY, USE TOMORROW” workshop, organized within the World Sustainable Energy Days 2019 at the end of February.

In the posters, you can read details about the locations where our THERMOSS technologies will be deployed, i.e. Southampton (UK), Portsmouth (UK), Riga (LV) and San Sebastian (ES). You will learn about challenges, solutions and energy savings reached thanks to the THERMOSS ground-breaking solutions.

You can find the posters in the documents section or follow the links below:

Southampton & Portsmouth poster

San Sebastian & Riga poster

THERMOSS project has just hit the 30th month of its progress. Therefore, the Consortium met at the end of March at the facilities of Riga Technical University (RTU) in Latvia.

The General Assembly have discussed all project achievements, updates, plans and future goals for the remaining 12 months of the project. During the meeting, FENIX TNT interviewed some partners whose relevant experience in THERMOSS project will be assembled in a project video. The Consortium has also visited the Latvian pilot sites.

The Latvian residential demo sites are important as they are mainly detached houses. In the 4 houses, different technologies will be installed, such as micro fuel cells, gas absorption heat pump and hybrid heat pumps. The micro fuel cell uses gas to generate electricity for daily usage without any extra costs, while the gas absorption heat pump produces heat by extracting it from the air.

All these technologies use gas as a fuel to some extent but are not yet very much present in Latvian territory. That means THERMOSS is really a ground-breaking project. We are already looking forward to our next project workshop at Sustainable Places 2019.

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Last week in Amsterdam, our Project Partner CEA presented THERMOSS project developments at City-Zen Days. The focus was on the “2 WAYS SUB STATION” heat interface unit developed at CEA as a part of THERMOSS Project. You can learn a bit more about it in the poster of the event, by Nicolas Lamaison (CEA).

City-zen Days Amsterdam showcases innovative projects aimed at building a methodology and tools for energy efficient cities, industries and citizens.

Take a look at our poster if you want to know more about how the two-way-substation helps to create new generation heating networks!


THERMOSS project representatives submitted an abstract to the Solar World Congress 2019.

Organised by the International Solar Energy Society (ISES), the International Energy Agency’s Solar Heating and Cooling Programme (IEA SHC) and Chile’s Solar Energy Research Center (SERC), the Congress will be held alongside the IEA SHC 2019 Conference from 4-7 November 2019 in Santiago, Chile.

Its goal is to share innovative ideas around the topic of transforming energy systems and markets, sending people home “inspired and motivated to continue moving the world towards 100% renewable energy”.

During the Congress, various projects will be presented and forums, policy discussions and business exhibits will be open for all participants. There will also be a plethora of workshops.

The abstract upload is now closed and we already look forward to the beginning of November!

Federica Fuligni from EXERGY presented updates about THERMOSS project at the “SAVE TODAY, USE TOMORROW!” workshop. The workshop took place in Wels, Austria on 28th February 2019 and was a part of World Sustainable Energy Days 2019, session “Innovation Workshops Energy and Buildings.” The topic of the workshop revolved around thermal energy storage systems and six different European projects were presented.

General projects presentations were followed by an interactive poster session and discussion about goals, plans and achievements. We were more than happy to share our thoughts and experiences with other professionals and spread the word about our project.

It was a pleasure to meet our partners, researchers, professionals and the general public interested in the topic of thermal energy storage.

Thanks to all the people involved, and all the people that attended the workshop.

See you next time!