July 2018

Urberoa is one of seven demo-sites of THERMOSS project used to show the project’s technology advantages. This demo-site is expected to demonstrate in practice 25% of energy saving at the building level, and 30% saving at a district level. It will do so by having one substation in Urberoa building complex equipped with the hybrid heat pump, and one substation equipped with hybrid heat pump in combination with solar panels. The first substation provides energy for domestic hot water to 56 apartments, and the second one to 62 apartments. Out of these, altogether 5 apartments will be monitored under the THERMOSS project.

Due to low carbon potential, district heating and cooling (DHC) systems are becoming increasingly popular. However, most of these systems are not operating at the expected performance level. Representatives of the THERMOSS project from Cardiff University, Dr Yu Li, Prof. Yacine Rezgui, and Dr Hanxing Zhu, wrote an article entitled “District heating and cooling optimization and enhancement – Towards integration of renewables, storage and smart grid” concerning optimization and enhancement of DHC systems.